Here is where the fun begins. Like any other decent musical artists, at our live shows we have a new line of Fully stickers. And we want the Fully Fan-atics to send us pictures of the oddest places that they have tagged with one of these coloristic vinyl visions of delight. So be creative! The pull out drawer of your local Blockbuster and the plunger handle in the back bathroom stall at Denny's are great ideas, but they're already taken. Hey, maybe the side of your Neighbor's cat! But watch those claws! Maybe on the back of an unsuspecting local lounge singer! Get as creative as you can. But naturally, the Fully family takes no ownership of your outlandist plots or illegal activities.

06/28/02 - Fully fans around the globe are already hard at work coming up with some very whacky entries. Pics to follow soon!...

We already have one Fully Fanatic that's dead set on being a right trend setter. She has sworn to us that she'll be sending in the first evidence of a Fully tagging. I'm not sure what terrible deed she has planned, but she mentioned that it involves a sleeping cow in somewhere in Iowa... and a pair of trimming sheers! Oh the Horror of a temporary Fully branding! The other cows are sure to mock!

We just got word that we also have another friend-of-Fully who'll be sending in pics from as far away as Costa Rica of her artful taggings. The Welcome to Costa Rica signs may never be the same.