Here's where you get to find out a lil' about the guys...

Fully is:


Joey Heshion: Axe grinder & yodeling -- Joey is a midwestern native from a larger family. He loves Speed Racer, Godzilla and Ultra Man. He's thinks that Californian's need enlightenment on proper Barbeque and has sauce mailed in from Kansas City. Joey holds two business degrees and a music certificate, and graduates with his 2nd music certificate from the M.I. / G.I.T. program in Hollywood in March of this year. He studied prof. dance for 10 years and has worked with dance companies. He's also appeared in over seventy-five TV shows & movies as a member of S.A.G., and worked for Disney. "Garsh! Goofy wouldn't dig it if I told you what I did, but it involved a really hot costume, a train, and a LOT of lights! And I liked it so much that I got license plates that read 1 Goofy" ;) Joey sings and plays for Saddleback Church quite a lot whenever he's not performing with Fully.


Randy Kellerman: String twanger and co-yodeling -- Randy and his wife Marcia's house is full of Scooby Doo and Kermit the Frog memorabilia. Though mild mannered in appearance, Randy has a long-term history of being hardcore metal fan and sees Iron Maiden and Stryper when they come to town. Randy is an environmental scientist and engineer by day, and holds a Bachelors from U.C. Santa Barbara. But he pictures himself traveling the country in a tour bus and trashing hotel rooms with his Fully buds. Randy and Marcia are expecting their first child in June of this year, which we're all excited about. Like Joey, you can also catch Randy on stage just about any given weekend with a mic or guitar in his hand at Saddleback Church somewhere. Randy is the cunsummate unexpected cut-up, and will catch you off gaurd. He prefers Marshall amplification, modified with knobs that go to 11.


Matt Gordon: Administrator of that low-down, sub-harmonic thud -- as the youngest member of Fully, Matt's addition to the band is quite unique. Matt is fond of super-modified hot rods from the muscle-car era. He's currently working on one that's pretty crazy. Make sure to ask him about it. He has studied bass privately for some time with world-famous bass player Bunny Brunell. Matt also digs old-school nostalgic super heros, and is known to have a Rat Fink doll on his bass amp during Fully shows. He likes his music hard and very heavy. So if you see a sleek red truck roll past you with some Killswitch Engage shaking it's windows, and it has "Math U" license plates, you just met the man. Matt performs for the Crave college outreach program at Saddleback Church and for other local churches as well. We're looking forward to a long musical friendship with Matt at the helm on bass.


Pete Forbes: Human rhythm machine on acoustic war drums -- Pete's contribution to the Fully line-up is just like his playing... rock solid steady and even-metered. Pete comes to Fully as a wonderful, top-drawer find, and when you see a great-looking dude with an award-winning, rockin' smile on his face, you'll know it's Pete. Pete is an accomplished artist and producer in his own right, with his own solo CD project out. He and his wife try to enjoy the good-life when they're not out rockin' with Fully. Pete donates his playing to the Saddleback Church Singles services every week, so you can walk in and see him holdin' the groove together with a beaming smile on any given Saturday. Pete's dedication to the Fully project is always greatly appreciated. And he was even able to fly up to Washington to be on stage with us at last year's Tomfest/Portico event.